Tony Quartarone, also known as, Tony “Q” has confirmed the formation of his new broadcast company Q-Tone Media, LLC. Tony “Q” says: “This company is formed for the purchase of a radio station in a medium-sized market of the northeastern part of the United States.

Attention Brokers: It is important that this station has hard assets. Tony “Q” says: “Banks cannot relate to lending money to a radio station, where they cannot place a lien on a station’s biggest asset, which is the license! However, they can, if the station has property, like a tower and office building.”

Tony “Q” will also be consulting no more than three radio stations. His consultation(s) will include a format search, branding, programming and promotions. Tony “Q” will offer a turn-key consultancy.

Tony “Q” has over thirty-seven years of radio experience from Ownership, Station Management, Sales, Programming, Research-Interpretation, Positioning and Web-Design.

Tony “Q” started his career in New York City in 1980. Back in 1980, the station where he first started his career, was branded as FM99 WXLO. While working there, he rebranded the station as 98.7 Kiss.  He was the first and only program director to bring the station to #1 in its rated history.

In 1982, he repeated his research and did the same thing for a station in Philadelphia (WUSL). When WUSL first signed on, it was a county format. Later in 1987, he then rebranded the station to a new name called Power. After Tony “Q” worked on Power, that station jumped to #1 in the market. The highest rating for Power was a 10.2

Tony “Q” was also involved with the launch of WIOQ. WIOQ first signed on as an oldies station, then with Tony “Q”s rebranding, WIOQ became dance in 1989. In February 1989, he started his new career as an owner at age twenty-seven.  He spent ten years in Ocean City, Maryland.

In 1997, he co-owned WJKS-FM in Wilmington, Delaware for seventeen years. He held nine positions at WJKS from General Manager, Sales Manager, Account Executive, Program Director, Collections, Production, Web-Design, Promotions, Concert Promoter to HR. Tony “Q”, with his experience in radio for so many years says: “I know what it takes to meet a bank note and payroll, to hearing a hit and giving a station stationality. It takes a certain type of person to make a station work, and I am that person.”

Tony “Q” has received eight awards from Program Director of the Year, recognition in Billboard Magazine to the Urban Knight Radio Award.

So far, on his team, is Manuel Mena, who brings twenty-seven years programming and ownership experience. Manuel started his career in New York City at VIACOM and WLTW. Manuel joined Tony “Q” in his first acquisition in Ocean City.

Mario Q. will be involved in station automation, programming and sales.

Tony “Q” asks: “Can an independent station make money in a conglomerate world?” The answer is: “Yes.” Simply because we will not be carrying the debt load the conglomerates carry.

Invest in Q-Tone Media, LLC. All serious investors contact “Tony Q” at [email protected] or call 302-743-8283.

L-R Damon Lott, Tony Q, Jamie Foxx and Geo Bivins

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  1. Jeffrey Jankowski

    Tony Q has screwed his ex employees over and had them leave everything behind and follow his lies and he still owes them paychecks !!