WVEE-Atlanta’s V-103 goes back to the future with former morning man Frank Ski. Last week fixture Ryan Cameron, the anchor of V-103’s Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith for six years announced, “I have done everything I can do in this field. I am telling Atlanta today that I am going to be moving on to something else.”

With his exit, the station has decided to bring back Ski. The Atlanta Constitution reports, “The station will be reuniting the morning show of Frank Ski (who left in 2012), Miss Sophia (who departed in 2010) and Wanda Smith (who was off in 2013 but came back in 2014).

Ski was on the air at WHUR-Washington, D.C. after leaving V-103 in 2012, then returned to Atlanta, where he came back to V-103 as a weekend and fill-in host.