Justin Timberlake’s performance was one of the most anticipated half-time shows in years – largely thanks to his role in Janet Jackson’s nipplegate affair 14 years ago, when he ripped off a piece of her costume revealing rather too much.

But the pop star put on a U-rated performance that at times underwhelmed and brought complaints from viewers of poor sound.

The biggest cheer of his show came during a tribute to Prince – a son of Minneapolis, the city where the game was held – with Timberlake singing I Would Die For You as an image of the late pop star was projected beside him.

An aerial shot showed the city turning purple while a bright corner as illuminated to show Prince’s famous symbol.

Timberlake also performed a medley of some of his most recognisable hits, including Filthy, SexyBack and Cry Me A River.

His high-octane performance featured an orchestra, a large brass band and dancers.

Some viewers at home, however, complained of poor sound, taking to Twitter to say they could not hear the singers’ words.

Others said the spectacle failed to live up to the excitement of his appearance with Janet Jackson,

She had earlier quickly shot down rumours that she would appear.

Jackson wrote on Twitter: “To put to rest any speculation or rumours as to whether I will be performing at the Super Bowl tomorrow: I will not.

Justin got a pass from the media, the critics and his white fans on the “wardrobe malfunction” fiasco with Janet at the Super Bowl in 2004. Jan took a major and unfair hit– which tarnished her career with those white fans. (Jans Black base didn’t buy the bullshit)  The way I see it, Justin owes her– bigtime and truth be told he can never make that right. If he would have included her in his Super Bowl performance, he would have been praised for “helping her out” and not a celebration of her amazing and record breaking 30-plus year career. 

With all that said, as for as his Super Bowl performance is concerned– I really ain’t mad at him, he did his thing.