DJ Young Music, Streetz Slow Lane Breaks Top 10 Market: Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland – WPGC FM 95.5

1D2A8813A year and a half since launching Streetz Slow Lane – a new school twist on a tried and true concept – DJ Young Music has expanded his brand to international waters and beyond. Distributed by Superadio and his own DJ Young Music LLC imprint, Streetz Slow Lane is one of many independent ventures the multitalented DMV artist is using to expand his brand.

Ali Early: For those who don’t know, what is Streetz Slow Lane and how did it come together?

Young Music: The Streetz Slow Lane is the modern-day twist of the original Quiet Storm, with a new school feel to it. What that means is you can get your Luther Vandross, your Beyonce, but you will also get Drake, Jeremih, Chris Brown and Sevyn Streeter. It’s classic old school with new school mixed into it. It’s something everybody can relate to.

What kind of strides have you made since Streetz Slow Lane started?

We’ve picked up stations in other countries, i.e. New Zealand and we are syndicated in a plethora of markets across the United States. Now we are in a top ten market – WPGC 95.5 – which is a major step.

What’s the ultimate goal for Streetz Slow Lane?

Along with DJ Young Music, LLC and Superadio syndications, I hope to have the largest combined syndicated radio programs in the world. Right now we have at least 30 markets.

Any new twists to breathe new life or energy into the brand in 2018?

We got a lot of celebrities checking for us – calling in, dropping by. Each and every week there will be something new to keep the listener’s attention. New additions to the show to help build the brand and our audience. Programmers. Please contact us for sample of the show… hit us on all social media @Djyoungmusic1, or contact Eric Faison at Superadio.