There is good reason for excessive celebration in the hallways of Entercom Rhythmic WJMH (102 Jamz)/Greensboro, as it was announced that MD/midday personality Big Mo has been rewarded with a set of well deserved and fully functional APD stripes. Mo (left) joined Jamz fulltime in 2005 doing overnights and was upped to his current role nearly three years ago.

In a staff memo, VP of Operations Brian Douglas said, “While working overnights, Mo showed an interest in learning how the music was put together. He chose to attend Monday morning music meetings on his day off and learned about finding new music, handling music research and how to schedule music logs. He was named Music Director in the summer of 2015 and immediately began to show interest in and develop his knowledge of programming. It’s been impressive seeing his transition.”

Douglas continued, “Mo’s been an incredibly good Music Director who can spot hits from a mile away. I feel very fortunate to have him with us. He’s learned and earned his appointment to this new role. Please congratulate Mo on his new title!”