Former Warner Bros. Record executive Marylou Badeaux has written a book, “Remembering Prince Moments” about her relationship, interations and experince with one of the greatest artists of all time… Prince.

Moments… Remembering Prince


“Marylou Badeaux has the word “bad” in her name, meaning she was the baddest Warner Brothers marketing agent on the planet. This memoir has the stories and photos that have never been heard or seen before from the perspective of someone involved around the inner workings of Prince’s world. I definitely think he would’ve enjoyed all of the memories contained within.”

Dr. Fink – The Revolution

Working closely with Prince and those in his organization for over 20 years while at Warner Bros. Records, Marylou Badeaux has created a book filled with a unique perspective on the shy and enigmatic musician, all from her personal observations and interactions.

“While his talent was unquestioned, very few people got to see the person who could be the ultimate jokester one moment, quietly doing something charitable in the next, and then disappearing back into his world of creating music,” observed Marylou.

The book covers the time from when Prince originally signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1978 through over 20 years following.

In addition to dozens of untold stories, the book features over 80 photographs which feature everything from casual photographs on the road, images of notes and cards, as well as a series of photographs the author took in the Paisley Park facility in the 1980’s. Those photographs include areas of the facility not seen before, and include rare images of Prince’s office/apartment.

Prince and Paisley Park saxophone player, Eric Leeds, has written the foreword.

Trade Paperback – $19.99 (ISBN 978-0-6481891-0-7)

Hardcover – $32.99 (ISBN 978-0-6481891-1-4) Ebook  – $9.99

A Few Quotes

“There are very few people who can hold the line between Prince and a record company and even fewer that Prince enjoyed and respected as much as Marylou. She is that blend of sweet and nurturing and at the same time a force of nature who got things done. In Prince world, if you don’t get things done, you don’t last. Marylou was there for years, so that should tell you all you need to know. If you want to know what it was like to have Prince’s ear, read this book.”

Duane Tudahl, author of Prince and The Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions 1983-1984

“Marylou Badeaux was not only an important steward of Prince’s career, but is herself a sensitive soul who inherently understood the emotional core of his music. If anyone on the business side of his operation could be considered a muse, it is Marylou. It is thus no surprise that she has provided deep and candid insights into this artist and complicated person. This was a book that needed to be written, and Marylou has offered a perspective that is missing from most recent books about Prince.”

Alex Hahn, author of The Rise of Prince and Possessed

‘Book was a great idea. Really captures the fun, warmth, humor we shared ‘on the inside’.”

Alan Leeds – former Vice President, Paisley Park

“I can think of no one better to share stories and perspective from the roller coaster ride that was “Prince” than Marylou. I had the pleasure of experiencing both Prince’s legacy and Marylou’s passion for his art, first hand for the entirety of both of their careers. Marylou not only witnessed the genius at work and play but crafted marketing concepts for one of the most incredible, successful, and influential careers in music history.

From enigma to pop Superstar to movie star…we, as fans, got to see and hear the talent; Marylou made the process seamless in a business where corporate practices rarely match high level creativity.

From the casual fan of pop culture to true Prince followers, ‘Moments….Remembering Prince’ is a must read for all.”

Donnie Simpson – Award winning Radio, TV, and movie personality

“Read it cover to cover and never left my chair!!  I laughed, I cried. You really brought the memories back crystal clear in a perspective only a close confidant of PRN could do. What fun we had!”

Matt “Atlanta Bliss” – Horn Section, Lovesexy Tour

“Luckily, I responded to my phone ping before falling asleep and discovered your dropbox files!  I am so glad I did. I haven’t slept! I started reading your brilliant book and just couldn’t stop! It is so full of wonderful anecdotes and details that I could never have imagined. It made me laugh and it has made me cry. It’s a wonderful book. You should be very proud of it and I know it is going to be very popular.

I loved every word of it. And I will be starting over from the beginning again later today! What a life you have had. And as a true Prince fan, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely personal stories of this incredible legend. I feel so privileged to have been involved in some way in this book.

Congratulations–it’s a brilliant and absorbing read. A book that is impossible to put down. A classic.”

Mal Bray – Book Illustrator – “Moments – Remembering Prince”

“What a great book! You have managed to capture Prince and all the escapades perfectly!  Of course, I really love the chapter about the floor heaters. I ‘m laughing as hard now as I was that day!! It was a Prince moment that has become legendary!”

Billy Sparks – Promoter and Promotion for Prince

“I can’t actually remember the first time I met Marylou Badeaux … but I also can’t actually remember a time that she wasn’t around for the “important” events. Marylou breezed in & out of Paisley Park and on & off the road. It was probably the Purple Rain Tour, because that’s where it all started for me!  Having Marylou in the picture was a refreshing change from working with other “label” people; she fit in, she was a part of the team and inner-circle, and she was always welcome by the entire staff, and Prince. Often times when I’d give Prince a message … “Prince, so-and-so called…” he’d ignore me completely or say “What did they want?” But, when I’d say

“Prince, Marylou phoned,” he’d say “Can you get her on the phone for me?” Gladly!”

Karen Krattinger, General Manager – Paisley Park, Executive Assistant to Prince, 1984–1989