Panthers-Old-LogoStephen Curry was part of an ownership group that was planning to purchase the Carolina Panthers. However, the group recently pulled their bid after the price of the team rose to $2.5 Billion.

The purchasing price for the NFL franchise would set a record for a United States professional sports franchise. A price that billionaire head of the ownership group, Michael Rubin, thought was too pricey.

Word has it that Stephen Curry is still interested in buying the team since he is a Carolina native and a Carolina Panthers fanatic.

He frequents their games, training camp sessions and has developed a friendship with the teams star quarterback Cam Newton. Curry was even Carolina’s “Keep Pounding” drummer during their Super Bowl 50 loss to the Denver Broncos.

“Not a distraction, but definitely something I’m working on,” Steph reportedly said during a practice session earlier this week.

The move could be a bright one for both Curry and the organization.

Only time will show how the deal plays out, but Steph Curry is definitely hard at work attempting to make it happen.