Freddie Jackson “Without You”

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Ten #1 Singles including:

“Rock Me Tonight”, “You Are My Lady”, & “Have You Ever Loved Somebody”

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Without You (Radio Edit)

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Without You

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KDKS-Shreveport, KRMP-OKC, WAKB-Augusta, WJFX-Ft. Wayne, WJMR-Milwaukee, WKXI-Jackson, WLXC-Columbia,
WMBX-West Palm Beach, WMGL-Charleston, WMJM-Louisville, WMPZ-Chattanooga, WROU-Dayton, WTLZ-Saginaw,
WTYB-Savannah, WWDM-Columbia, WXST-Charleston, KOKY-Little Rock, WKZJ-Columbus, Music Choice

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WTTH-Atlantic City, WNWZ-Grand Rapids, WIMX-Toledo, KFXZ-Layfayette

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