KBLX blockKBLX-SF Quiet Storm host, Armand Carr gets recognized. “Armand has become synonymous with generosity and giving. For this reason, he has been awarded a Congressional Proclamation by the Black Repertory Theater and U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Armand is also an award-winning philanthropist and humanitarian who will continue to lend his voice to worthwhile causes. He plans to use this acknowledgment to expand his commitment and provide humanitarian and charity work at a national and international level. Armand’s living legacy will transcend entertainment and positively influence others along the way to do their part in giving back. Armand Carr has become a staple in the Bay Area communities. Giving back to our community is what KBLX strives to do every day and Armand is a living example,” says Elroy Smith, Operations & Program Director of KBLX.