KBLX blockIt is a rarity that I take the liberty to publicly make a proclamation about an artist or music. Today, I feel in my soul that I must speak about an artist that I can’t stay quiet about. The enthusiasm in the Bay Area for PJ Morton is at an all time high, and as a radio programmer I am thrilled that PJ Morton’s skillful work is paying off positively. If I am late on celebrating this artist, shame on me, but kudos to you for recognizing his brilliance long ago. His single “First Began” is one of the most powerful love songs that I have heard in quite sometime. The arrangement, orchestration & execution of this song is destined to be a song that will be one of the greatest genuine R&B ballads of all time.

First Began (His Single)

His remake of the Bee Gee’s Classic “How Deep Is Your Love” is epic


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