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Funk icon George Clinton recently announced that he will star in his own family-based reality show called “The Clintons” which will primarily focus on his legal battles over the copyright to his songs. The Parliament/Funkadelic legend is caught up in a myriad of current lawsuits over the use of his back catalog. In January, he was ordered to give up the rights to four of his classic tracks the most notable being “One Nation Under A Groove,” to pay off a $1.5 million debt to his former lawyers. The Atomic Dog says, “I’m doing a reality show with my family, with my son Tracy and my six grandkids – it’s a big family thing. A bit like ‘The Osborne’s’ but most of them are, like, musicians, rappers and everything. We got to come up with new ways to get the music across, so we’re doing this reality show. So we can expose all the noses out there, stealing the copyrights and taking people’s music and money. This is all gonna be part of the reality show, plus we still kicking ass onstage.” Raise your flashlight in the air! Now this is some “koo-koo cray cray” worth watching!

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