In light of the recent passing of South Florida Rapper Xxxtentacion, many have commented that he’s the 2pac of the SoundCloud rap generation. However I disagree with this. Do you agree with this comparison and do you believe that in 20 years X will be regarded the same way 2pac is today?


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3 Responses

  1. Wry

    X is the Tupac of this generation, he’s stopped so many suicides and has made so many songs that have powerful and emotional lyrics, he’s been through more than Tupac and had his life cut short..

    In my opinion, he’s better than all these rappers that have ever existed.

      • Waylon

        Of course he is not. It’s just that X had just as a big impact as 2pac had back in the day. X sold over 40 million singles Tf u mean bruh.