Let's Get It OnEd Sheeran may have drawn too much inspiration from Marvin Gaye when he created “Thinking Out Loud” and it may cost him some major coin.

Reportedly, the family of Ed Townsend, the co-writer of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” believed that Thinking Out Loud‘s melody, harmony, and rhythmic components were lifted from Gaye’s 1973 hit so they filed a lawsuit in 2016. That same year Sheeran won two Grammy awards for the song.

Structured Asset Sales, a third-party company that purchased 1/3 of the copyright to “Let’s Get It On,” is suing Sheeran for damages and copyright infringement. They’re asking for $100 million.

You can’t mess with the marvelous one’s music. Those who lift without permission, end up paying big bucks.

You be the judge. Listen to both songs below and tell us what you think…