23 year old singer/songwriter Zak celebrated the release of his new single “Flex to Feed” at LionPack Music Group’s Studio in Glendale, CA.

“Flex to Feed” features Zak’s melodically bold vocals over savory horn riffs. This is the type of track that will get your summertime backyard BBQ in full motion.

PALM caught up with Zak to learn about his influences, working alongside producer and entrepreneur Nate Impact, growing up in the Bay Area, studying under Mike From Penthouse Penthouse and his journey into musicianship. To top it off Zak rocked the house with a performance of his singles “The Wave” and “Flex to Feed” along with a cover of “Sweetest Thing” by Miss Lauryn Hill.

Along with “Flex to Feed,” Zak also showcased his summertime chill out anthem “The Wave.” PALM took especially kind to this song for obvious reasons (I mean c’mon just look at the cover art). Stream “The Wave” below and send your ears on a vacation with it’s calming guitar strings. Make sure to have “The Wave” on your stereo when going harbor cruising this summer.





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