If you’re in the mood for something from the concrete jungle with a world music twist look no further than the album Afrikan in New York from Brooklyn based artist Vocaliz. Born and raised in the Central African country Cameroon, he grew up in duality between musical worlds. Growing up on 90s hip-hop along with traditional central African music, Vocaliz’s sound was formed.

His video “In Love with Life” has been featured on both MTV and VH1. Vocaliz has received many accolades including working with Multi-Platinum producer Rheji Burell in 2013. His song “Because We Are” was a finalist song in the Hip Hop category for the John Lennon Songwriting competition. In 2018 his song “Call ME” made it to the finals for the USA songwriting competition. Additionally he’s won the award for Best Rap Song in the John Lennon International Musical Competition for that record.


2009 was when Vocaliz released his first album Painful Healing, while studying with Ghanaian producer Afana in Cyprus. Their single “Under the Sun” hit local radio stations and clubs, opening up the door for them to perform at festivals and do countless shows. With this new body of work, Vocaliz shows his skill and gives the listener a day in the life of being an immigrant living in the Big Apple, trying to make it in the rap game.