Aretha Franklin died without a will.

The “Queen of Soul” who died at age 76 last week, died “intestate,” according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Franklin’s not having a will was surprising for two main reasons: she had reportedly been ill for quite some time (she finally succumbed to pancreatic cancer); and, according to TMZ, one of her adult children, Clarence, has special needs, and requires “financial and other forms of support for his entire life.”

The good news is that her estate—reportedly worth more than $80 million at the time of her death, will be split evenly among Clarence and his three brothers, according to Michigan state law.

Business Insider reports that the executor, who administers the process of transferring assets, will be appointed by the court. However, as with the case of Prince, who also died without a will, the executor can collect millions in fees while the family receives nothing until the value of the estate is established.

Franklin will be laid to rest on Aug. 31, at the Greater Grace Temple in Detroit. There will be an open-casket viewing for the public in the days prior.