Born in Bening, raised in Brittany and a Classically trained musician – in the vain of MIA and Santigold, Sônge is revolutionising French R&B.

As a teenager, she listened to jazz with her father, reggae with her mother, and dub and trip-hop with her friends – with whom she had an African percussion band in middle school. She now splits her time between Paris’ Goutte d’Or (known as the African quarter) and Britanny’s Quimper.

Sônge is inspired by synesthesia – a neurological phenomenon where stimulation of one sense triggers sensation in another. In her case, she sees sounds as colours. Her live performance is composed of a light show and she wear her luminettes – light therapy glasses she was prescribed to help her sleep as she also suffers from chronic insomnia.

She’s spearheading a wave of female artists who have total control of their music.  She writes her own music and lyrics, does her own composition and creates her pulsing, R&B inflected beats.

Check out Sônge’s “Roses”

roses artwork