Donald Trump likely does not care for or about black people. It is evident in his policies, the way he set up his administration, and the way he is currently exploiting the lunacy of Kanye “Koonye Worst” West.

You would think that his overt disdain for people of the darker hue would keep him from trying to use their intellectual property for his own nefarious purposes, but you would be wrong.

Apparently, Trump has been playing Prince’s “Purple Rain” at his rallies around the country, and it’s gotten to the point that the Purple One’s estate has reached out and asked him to knock it off.

Because really, knock it the fuck off, you orange buffoon. How dare you sully the beauty that is “Purple Rain” by using it your hate rallies that only serve the purpose of riling up your rabid, racist base, with their ignorant, non-reading asses.

TMZ reports that Prince’s half-brother, Omarr Baker, said on behalf of the artist’s estate: “The Prince Estate has never given permission to President Trump or the White House to use Prince’s song and have requested that they cease all use immediately.”

Apparently, Trump played the song at his rally in Mississippi last week, and he has played it at other rallies as well.

Trump seems to be on the bad side of other artists, who have also asked him to stop using their music at his idiocracy gatherings.

TMZ reports that Steven Tyler and the Rolling Stones have asked Trump not to use their music.

Because honestly, no one wants their work associated with this dumbass.

No one.


Courtesy The Root.