Tampa, Fl rap collective Atoss Dacco are longstanding members of the PALM Tree. This October, Traplan of the underground crew has put forth his debut solo EP Don’t Play Me. With just five tracks and 14 minutes of flavor, the Florida native uses his melodic vocals over vibrant beats. Inspired by the singing styles of Lil Peep, Kid Cudi, and Drake, Traplan has manifested his talent into a strong debut solo project.

Traplan Don't Play Me

The stand alone difference between previous Atoss Dacco releases and Don’t Play Me is how Traplan sings feel good love songs rather than the hardcore underground sound Atoss has already showcased. It’s a sweet short and to the point project and can be streamed right here. The closing track “Burn Roses” features the same instrumental used by Vaboh on his single “I Never Thought You’d be My Enemy.”


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