Caster is an original multi-media comic series created by the team at Noble Transmission and featuring an original song from Oscar-Winning artist and actor Common and score by Robert Glasper.

Bringing together action-packed art and storytelling with original music to set the tone, Caster follows the adventures of a world traveling rare antiques dealer who gets caught up in a world of international espionage,  but all he wants is his payday. A man of exotic taste, he is addicted to one thing: risk. However, to some, his appeal exists not because of his lifestyle, but because he truly cares about making sure the rare antiques he chases end up in the hands of a passionate buyer. He respects art and expects others to as well. No museums though. He needs to get paid!

New episodes every Thursday!

Watch the Caster trailer and download the app to read the comic FREE below:



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