After 7 “The Loneliest Christmas”


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Having returned from a 20 year absence with the smash album, Timeless,
After 7 now humbly thanks their fans and all of radio for embracing them and offers a holiday gift…

“The Loneliest Christmas”

The first holiday song ever recorded from After 7

Feel free to play it now or anytime this holiday season…

“After 7 has a brand new Christmas song that you must play…

‘The Loneliest Christmas’ is the new ‘What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas’

by the Emotions. What a beautiful song!

–Jammin’ Jay Michaels, Magic 92.5 San Diego

“After 7 makes every song their own, and ‘The Loneliest Christmas’

is no exception… a mesmerizing, instant classic.”

–Chris Rizik, Soul

“It is very rare that I listen to a song for the first time and love it!

‘The Loneliest Christmas’ is awesome! After 7 truly are the best of the best!”

–Unsolicited Fan Comment

Happy Holidays from After 7

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