kblx_2018a102.9 KBLX and The Morning Dream Team partnered with the San Mateo County Sherriff’s Office for a gun buyback program on December 15th in Redwood City, California.  Attendees received up to $100 for handguns and up to $200 for an assault rifle.

 According to Elroy Smith, Operations & Program Director of KBLX; We were able to collect hundreds of guns during this very successful initiative. Our goal is to make The Bay Area an even more safer place to live and to provide a secure  environment for the kids to play. Due to the response, I am certain that the Bay Area will be safer for this holiday season.

Please have a look at this link.


One Response

  1. JJ

    Please, first off criminals,gang bangers,murderers etc are NOT giving up their guns.
    Secondly why in this political climate, in ALWAYS racist America, it seems like only Black communities are targeted for gun buy backs,when white terrorists are shooting up schools,malls,nightclubs,churches,wherever.
    I bet his station was the only station in the chain doing this because we know white people cling to their guns,didn’t Obama say that?
    This space would have been better served with a remembrance of the legendary Nancy Wilson.