Momentum is building in an effort to push music industry groups to cut ties with R&B star R. Kelly over long-standing sexual assault and harassment allegations. Read more from NPR.

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  1. JJ

    Why did it take so long? We have known about the pervert for a long long time like 25 years almost,he married Aaliyah back in 1994 and allegedly peed on the juvenile female,well the video came out back in 2002.

    oH I know his music isn’t that hot anymore.

    Let me again call out Elroy Smith,Mr Gun Buy Back, because RKelly back in the day had carte blanche at V103 in CHicago when Elly MaE was the programmer, the Rapist was welcome to visit and come on the air whenever he pleased back then. What a great thing that was, thought Elly. But he’s not alone ,shit until recently Tom Joyner was bumping his music hard ,had him on his cruise, and what about Jesse and Farrakhan and Oprah all of them based in Chicago where the debauchery started( and it was known what he was doing back then) and yet they never said a damn thing,publicly that I know of. But Farrakhan criticized Beyonce publicly in 2015 regarding her lack of clothes when performing. It wasn’t until October 2018 that Farrakhan said he met with Kelly wtf? Another Chicago based person Obama called Coonye a jackass but never heard him say a damn thing about R is for Rapist Kelly.

    As far as these women ,again MANY Black people knew about his antics for 25 years but the thoughts of money fame , a come up and low self esteem mixed in is a dangerous narcotic,you knew somebody that knew somebody about Kelly and I’m sure if you said oh I’m hanging out with RKelly and you were a female, the words are you crazy somewhere in the conversation were said.. If you were of age you have to take responsibility for your putting yourself in his reach. Unfortunately now a days this is called victim shaming but we called it and still do, street sense or being aware of your environment. And WHAT parent would allow their daughters around him unless you valued fame and money over your daughter.

    Some of our people!