Ramsey IIIRamsey Lewis, IV is a 23 year old African American singer song writer/actor. Named after his grandfather, Ramsey Lewis II, at the age of 16 he started practicing his passion in music with the help of his grandfather (Phil Williams) and father (Kevyn Lewis). At the age of 17 he completed his first project “Lost in Paradise” which garnered 10 songs. Then later created more music with the likes of Fred Smith and The Organ Brothers as musical features as well.

With the passing of his father at age 19, Ramsey has turned what once was a dream into a brand known as “R4” with more than 20k+ following on social media platforms alone. Now with 2 EP’s released on all streaming platforms (About A Girl) & (My Fathers Keeper), Ramsey continues to work on his craft as a solo artist in Los Angeles, California.

Check out Ramsey Lewis IV with his new single, “Lipstick Secrets

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