The Novo at L.A. Live in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles is packed on a Saturday night. Fans are eager to see Blueface, a practical overnight sensation from the city of Angels. The ticket clearly reads “late show” which can only mean one thing: He’s coming on past your bedtime. However, nowhere on the ticket does it say that there will be up to 10 or more opening acts. At this point, the endless wait time to see the headliner perform his hits is agonizing. Meanwhile fans sit through act, after act, after act of rappers coming out and rapping the same themes. While these opening artists may have potential, they do not present themselves in a way to attract new fans. Their crowd engagement is mediocre, their songs are forgettable, and their energy is repetitive. The endless sea of openers combined with the lack of quality DJs playing hits between sets often make the experience of a rap show less than par for what a true rap head probably grew up on.

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