GrooveLogoAltLongtime beloved Arizona personality and veteran programmer, Supersnake, has been named PD and PM Drive at Busto Media’s newest acquisition, KGVT-FM Groove 106.3/Tucson.

Amador Bustos, owner of Bustos Media, bought KVOI (1030-AM)/Tucson recently and on Nov. 1 turned it into an all-local-talk, all-day format.

Bustos, who has been in the radio business for decades in California and Oregon, is making a broader play in Tucson-area radio. He also bought KTGV (106.3-FM) when Scripps sold its local stations to Lotus Communications, but Lotus needed to spin off two stations to stay within regulatory limits. And he and is considering an additional radio-station purchase.

“All I can say is; integrity, integrity, integrity,” proclaimed Supersnake. “What a concept. That’s what you get with Busto Media. They
did what they said they were going to do the old fashion way; keeping the stations local with live jocks. When they approached me to re-launch the new Grove, I said, let’s make it happen.”

Supersnake also said he welcomes stations returning to their ‘mom and pop” roots, noting a lack of local relevance, fun and excitement on
current stations. “It will be nice, when I play Prince’s ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover,’ and the bosses actually know the song” he laughs. With
Krystal Pino in the Morning and Snake in the afternoon, the team will begin building a local, customized music and personality line-up for Tucson.

Amador-Owner and ED-CFO “I couldn’t be more pleased, to be working around some people who are willing to give it a chance!”

I just keep getting blessed over and over. I’m not ashamed to say it, I’ll scream it to the highest ground, “God is too good to me!” This is
phase 1, get ready for phase 2 we’re just getting started. Tucson, Phoenix you finally have what you’ve been looking for. Check the Groove
streaming now and “get your groove on.” 1063thegroove.

Trust me!! “Rider I’m coming to get you!!”