Linwood is not your average R&B artist. The 23 year old Pittsburgh vocalist and producer brings a dark and edgy side to the craft, with raw authenticity. Influenced by a many hip-hop heavyweights like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Jay-Z, Wale and Rick Ross. “I’m a melting pot of all the things that I love and respect about music.” says Linwood.

Linwood - Come Thru

His latest single “Come Thru” is anxiously lustful and unapologetic in delivery. It’s produced by Chickarelly and Baking Soda Sam. The opening electric piano keys underneath Linwood’s distorted voice sound like the score to walking up the front steps of Dracula’s castle. From there the beat drops into a certified trap banger with nothing on its mind but hot dirty sex.

“My sound is about a vast amount of emotion. Showing people what I go through in a cooler way.”

Born July 22nd, Linwood is a true Cancer: emotional in all aspects. “Linwood is angry, upset, happy at times, misunderstood, also still growing. I just be going through real shit and I want people to relate. I’m about showing people the real [me] and coming forth with that”

Stream “Come Thru” from Linwood below and listen to his PALMCAST episode from 2017.


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