“All The Major Labels Should Step Up For Nipsey”

An Open Letter from Stan Sheppard

There comes a time in life where certain tragic events seem to bring people together and make us all sit down for a minute and look at our very existence. On March 31st 2019 one of those horrible events came front and center in all of our lives. An incredible young man by the name of “Mr. Ermias Asghedom” who recorded under the name of “Nipsey Hussle” was murdered by a force of evil that operated through the body and mind of a so-called man who I won’t dignify by mentioning his name in this open letter.

This horrendous act took the life of a young man who was on a mission to bring hope and opportunities to a wide variety of people across the Los Angeles area. His good heart and sharp business mind was a breath of fresh air in a climate of negativity that has seemed to touch most of us for some time now. This young man showed the world how people can change and evolve throughout the years and how positive actions can become a lightening rod for other people and corporations to do the same.

That brings me to the subject of the major recording company that worked closely with “Nipsey Hussle”.  As we all know, historically major record companies use to salivate at the thought of a major recording artist passing away by whatever means and if the artist died from “unusual circumstances” then the cash registers at the major labels started to go into overdrive selling their music in the company vaults. Hopefully, as times have changed, the major labels have become more aware of what “not to do” in situations surrounding the death of an influential artist and the sale of their music and they will act accordingly with such awareness. I’m quite sure the executives at Atlantic/Warner Bros. Records will do the right thing. How can they do the right thing you ask? It’s real simple. Have the accountants at Atlantic/Warner Bros. Records get to their desks and start getting some cash ready to send to whatever organization that will benefit the people in the area that Nipsey Hussle came from and the Los Angeles area as a whole.

Not only should Atlantic/Warner Bros. Records step up to the plate, the other two major labels, Sony Music and Universal Music, should open up their wallets as well and kick in some major dollars! These major labels are flush with cash from the money they receive from streaming services and other avenues of income generated by recording artists so it’s time for the major labels to “put up or shut up”! No more press releases, no more just offering to pay for the artists funeral and no more sending flowers and then disappearing. That will not do in April 2019 under these circumstances. Do the right thing and send a substantial amount of money for this cause and be on the right side of history.



Stan Sheppard, music executive