Tya StoryzMeet up and coming artist Tya Storyz and her new release, “You Just Don’t Know”. Plus check out her video, “You Just Don’t Know”.

In 2019, Tya has been featured at the Morton Theater, Classic Center, Black History Bowl, 420 2Lit Fest, iLounge, Azure Blue’s Cork, Human Rights Festival, Hot Corner Festival, and currently on the MVP TV Network & COCA-COLA Heal the World II Tour. Her sound is intriguing, powerful, yet soothing. With unique sultry vocal tones and unorthodox sound to put emphasis on the story line. Tya expresses life and love experiences significant to all genders and anyone ever being blindly in love in her new single “You Just Don’t Know”. As radio personality Lady B of WXAG-Athens Radio puts it, “One of the most melodic voices she has ever heard.” Tya is indeed a woman of talent and intellect, yet remains unpretentious!!

EPK https://spark.adobe.com/page/dBK4TonUYihfX/

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