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“Before Dark”

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“Wide Nose Full Lips”

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Music is a universal language, and for Such, it is the language of her soul.

Growing up the daughter of Haitian immigrants, her life was centered around faith and family. Singing in her church planted the seeds for a music career that is on the rise and touching the world.

“I’ve been on this road to discovering who I am as a Black woman and becoming someone who is a little more comfortable in her skin.” Such shares this journey with her new album, WIDE NOSE, FULL LIPS. Inspired by challenges such as police brutality and by a desire to flip the standard mainstream narrative of beauty, WIDE NOSE, FULL LIPS is an unapologetic love letter to blackness. “This album is about embracing our beauty as black people, being fully confident in our sensuality as black women, and no longer struggling to find comfort in our own skin.”

On the single, “Before Dark,” she explores and embraces her sexuality, growing self-confidence and the urgency of love. The song is a top 40 Urban Adult Contemporary hit that is resonating with audiences, and its theme is revisited in WIDE NOSE, FULL LIPS on “All I Want,” and “The Real Thing”. “There is freedom for us as women in being able to unapologetically express what we want in our love lives.”

The deeply personal album was a three-year process of writing songs inspired by her life. On “For a Reason,” she writes about her son, and “Don’t Matter What They Say,” was inspired by her own relationships.

“Melanin,” featuring spoken word artist Kerrie Joy is the album’s most inspiring track. “One of my favorite Toni Morrison quotes is ‘if you have some power, then your job is to empower someone else,’” Such states. “The root of the song is that we are all powerful and in many, if not all cases, are the hero that we, our communities are waiting for.”

Also featuring a dynamic cover of John Legend’s hit, “Ordinary People,” WIDE NOSE, FULL LIPS is a soulful and potent passion project that will resonate with listeners.

The 2010 earthquake in her family’s native Haiti propelled Such into action. Working as a nurse for half a decade, she felt compelled to go to the island and lend her professional support. It was a life-changing event that would be the catalyst to this soulful artist finding her voice and calling.

“I believe every life experience is a deposit that makes us who we are. Seeing the loss of life and sheer devastation, I found an overwhelming sense of clarity,” she explains, “Things that mattered before suddenly didn’t matter at all. Things that were black and white were now grey, and things that were grey became very black and white.”

Upon her return, Such decided she would pursue her dreams. She picked her stage name by merging the two letters of her first and last names, and because she also loved how “such” amplifies and intensifies any word it is paired with. She embarked on a full-time solo music career, and what a career it’s been.

Following an appearance on American Idol, which took her to Hollywood, Such wrote and recorded her debut album, Trial and Error which spawned a hit single, “Sugar Maple.” Her music found a solid following in both the UK and Africa where she has won multiple awards including an All Africa Music Award.

Such also discovered a passion for musical theater and did a stint as Celie, the lead character in the stage adaption of The Color Purple, earning Broadway World Best Actress and Best Acting Debut Awards.

With her electrifying stage shows and pure passion for singing and songwriting, Such is a woman on a mission and on a journey to her best life. And on WIDE NOSE, FULL LIPS, she invites you to join her.

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