Rusty RedenbacherRadio One Urban AC WTLC-Indianapolis “Club 106.7” DJ Rusty Redenbacher is out after playing a song where he was the performer on a September 27 broadcast, reports the Indianapolis Star. He was ousted as part of a zero-tolerance policy for playing “Sriracha,” a song by the band Cosby Sweater with his vocals. Redenbacher told the newspaper that a suspension would have been more reasonable than a firing.

“I’ve seen this happen to other people,” he told the Star. “This is the way radio is. I just don’t appreciate the way it was done.” He also said that September 27 wasn’t the first time he aired “Sriracha” as the closing song of three-hour mix show. Two months earlier, the song was broadcast and it prompted no response from WTLC management.

According to Redenbacher, WTLC’s management also expressed disapproval for “Sriracha” because the song doesn’t fit the station’s Classic R&B format.