Nathan LeftenantIn late September, the original members of the iconic 1980’s funk band CAMEO (“Candy, Word Up and many more”).  Nathan Leftenant, Gregory Johnson, Tomi Jenkins, Arnett Leftenant and Jeryl Bright, won a victory in Federal District Court Of Nevada in connection with their claims against Larry Blackmon, when the Court ruled that their claims for artist royalties and joint ownership of the CAMEO name, including a claim for $1,000,000 in possible punitive damages, against Larry Blackman would proceed.   Blackmon has counterclaimed for Trademark infringement. This case may set a new precedent for featured performers of the famous Funk Bands during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, who often changed with each new album, for their entitlement to new media royalties for streaming and downloads and other new technologies as well as entitlement to record company royalties for uses in TV commercials, TV shows, and movies.  To read the decision click this link:

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