Former Chicago radio programmer, Elroy Smith, will host the “Chicago Radio Remix Reunion” at Norman’s Bistro, 1001 E. 43rd Street, Chicago, Thursday, December 5th, 2019. This event is the “high school reunion” of Chicago urban radio.

Elroy will bring together renown on-air personalities that he has worked with at radio stations such as 107.5 WGCI-FM, V103 WVAZ-FM, Gospel Radio 1390 WGRB-AM & 1690 WVON-AM between 1992-2007. Some noteworthy guests include Chicago radio icon, former WGCI General Manager, Marv Dyson, Chairman of Midway Broadcasting Corporation and 1690 WVON-AM, Melody Spann Cooper, Legendary Midwest broadcaster, Abe Thompson, Program Director of Power 92 WPWX-FM, Jay Allan. This list also includes, former on-air personalities – Rick Party, Robin Robinson, Sandra Robinson, Troi Tyler, Mike Love, First Lady, Ramonski Luv, Casper, Mark Young, Sasha Dalton, Sam Sylk, Matt McGill, Koolout, Armando Rivera, Randi Knight, Bonnie DeShong, Naki, DeVante Stone, Effie RoIfe, Al Greer, Irene Mojica, and DJ Farley Jack Master Funk.

Elroy believes it would not be a radio reunion without the legendary mixers he worked with in Chicago, which includes Steve Miggedy Maestro, Eric “The Wiz” Sexton, DJ Phantom, and Maurice “Ice” Culpepper – all providing the entertainment for the evening. According to Smith, who is the Operations Manager & Program Director/102.9 KBLX, San Francisco, “I simply want to express my gratitude to every Chicago radio personality and coworker that has contributed to my career with an exclusive “one night only” gathering. So many precious moments and milestones were created in my memorable fifteen years in Chicago radio.”

Special Contributors Norman Bolden, Caryn Lee, Marv Dyson, Jefferson Moody, Armando Rivera, Karen Smith, and Gwen Washington.