KBLX_2019_SquareKBLX-San Francisco Morning Dream Team (Tony Sco., Kimmie Tee & Rudy Ortiz) awarded a $1,000 Scholarship to high-schooler, Ishmael Perry, from the Bay Area. Perry wrote a 200-word essay about ways he has improved his community. He joined a STEM college pre-program that empowered students to pursue STEM careers. He and his teammates put together an HIV/AIDS science project to help family and friends to get a clearer understanding of this illness. Perry has been a life- long supporter of the AIDS walk in San Francisco with his family. He is also involved with various activities at his high school, including LINK CREW and mentoring freshmen successfully transition into high school.

Ishmael was in complete shock and extremely grateful when the Dream Team informed him on-air that he was the winner their $1,000 scholarship. He and his parents -who were present- for the good news were overwhelmed with excitement.

OM/PD Elroy Smith said, “It is an emotional experience to join the Dream Team and other staff members reading the essays from so many talented and aspiring high school students in the Bay Area. Our next $1,000 scholarship campaign will target adults who have decided to pursue a trade school of their choice.

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