Richmond, CA rapper and tattoo artist Black Phillip (formerly known as Ducey Guevarra) has teamed up with Miami based producer Spooky Little Hoe to release Spooky Little Black Philly.

This six song EP showcase Phillip’s dark and melodic flow over classic Memphis style beats. He is one half of the duo Die $low Posse alongside younger brother Scaba the Word (formerly known as Aleman) who appears on “Armor King” (Satisfaction Never Guaranteed).

Black Phillip borrows from his Southern Rap and Bay Area influences naming every song after characters from the popular fighting video game series Tekken.

“[This project] was made during a difficult time on top of a difficult time. None of it means anything… it’s just shit I made for the fuck of it. Fuck a microphone cop, it’s not hip hop enough (eat shit) To the folks listening to the posse or anything involved with Ramirez and Jeff Maks, G.O.D.S. – Thanks. Ya’ll cool as shit.

P A L M Pick: “Leroy Smith” (Style Ain’t Changed)