Experimental is an understatement to describe San Francisco based rapper 3rd World Witch. His latest project is 100% Exotica, a 14 song album with a feature on each song. “I chose to do this album with features because my sound varies and I’m inspired by all types of music. Everyone I worked with is a close friend who I support and listen to their music on the regular. I like to show versatility and different approaches when doing songs with different people, it makes me get more creative and fresh.”

3rd World Witch, 26, born Divine Foots drew his name from a poem his father wrote about rituals. “It stuck with me because it stood out and was so unique I knew no one else would have it. [at the time] I was heavily influenced by witch house music and [added] more reason to stick with it for the long run. Witch House is a dark occult based sub genre of house and techno. However, he has many hip-hop influences as well such as Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky, and Lil B just to name a few.

100% Exotica drops you into a world of creativity, lust, and ambitiousness. Many of the songs have a lo-fi underground authenticates to them while still keeping true to their west coast roots. The various artist whom feature become a colorful cast of characters, although at times sounding anonymous. 3rd World Witch may not be lyrically gifted, but the style and charisma he displays on 100% Exotica is unmatched. Expect a melodic tunes to flex to, perfect for a blunted cruise down the freeway.

P A L M Picks: Smut Baby (Feat. Dee Dot Jones and Chocolate Cocaine), Diamond Clarity (Feat. Lil Randy), Saturated Dreams (Feat. Blvc Svnd).