Radio OneRadio One announced the launch of its We Are One: Feeding the Community Campaign.  It is partnering with the music community to feed hundreds of families as many are feeling the significant financial strain as a result of these tough economic times. Radio One’s 53 stations will come together across its 15 markets to feed families in their localities by giving away meals provided by local minority-owned restaurants.

“We are eager to help local businesses and listeners during these unprecedented circumstances,” said David Kantor, CEO of Radio Division and Reach Media.

 “Right now, we’re all living in an unfamiliar time, forced to deviate from our daily routines. Although COVID-19 has changed everything about the way we operate, it hasn’t changed our ability to serve our community,” said Kashon Powell, Vice President of Programming for Radio One. “We are grateful to our partners for truly supporting this campaign.”

“In these difficult times as people are struggling throughout the country, a good meal and support for local small businesses at the same time is much needed,” added Colby Tyner, Vice President of Programming for Radio One.

Radio One has been the leading voice to inspire, inform and entertain Black America for 40 years.  As the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on communities of color became clear, Radio One created a strategy to help meet the needs and remains committed to continuing to support the community during these challenging times. The We Are One: Feeding the Community Campaign will not only ease some of the hardships that families are facing, but it will also help to support the hard-hit restaurant industry, while providing quality food to the community. Radio One continues to be committed to its social responsibility during these challenging times.