Why Are Major Black Music Divisions Run By Non-Blacks?

I have worked in the Music Industry for over 40 years and I have worked with every major record label in the industry at the highest levels. I can truly say that this music industry is worse than any type of street activities you can imagine. Liars and snake-oil sales people are everywhere and they
are extremely good at their craft.

Don’t believe the words that I have written here? Well then, check with the numerous successful Rap artists that have exited the major labels hallways screaming at the top of their lungs about their mistreatment. It’s not just me talking about this issue. Believe that.

I ask you young successful Rap artists and label owners one question? “How were you as a collective unit unable to come together to amass more power for Black people in the music industry when you have Billions of dollars at your disposal and Black music is the cash cow for the majors?” Why haven’t the power players such as Jay Z, Beyonce, Puffy, Rick Ross, Drake, and all the other Rap power brokers sat down at a table and pooled their financial resources to better the situation for Black folks nationwide? In my opinion… ”No Black Unity”.

In closing, the message I wanted to convey via this article is the fact that Black people in the United States have so much to offer to society in many ways, but in business circles that power seems to be diluted for many reasons. Real power is rooted in mass numbers and cash movements.

In my opinion there should not be a Black music dominated radio station that is programmed by non-Blacks. You mean to tell me that the ONLY qualified candidates to decide what Black listeners listen to at Black dominated stations are non-Black people? You mean to tell me that only non-Black people at major labels control the real purse strings for signing Black Music artists? What a travesty… but what a reality. Shame on you.

Why Are Major Black Music Divisions Run By Non-Blacks? A question by Stan Sheppard