Metro Zu

Metro Zu coverLook out A$AP Mob, Odd Future, and Black Hippy! There’s some new kids in town from the 305. Miami based crew Metro Zu is here to kill the game. I think over the summer I started to bump more & more Metro Zu to the point that “I’m a Fool” fell out the left side of my brain. 100 Pak is that jam for every time you hop in your homeboys car. Try Purple P**** later that night with a home girl if she’s down ;).  Choosin’ Fee is for all my real cats out there who just ain’t trynna love em. I give Metro Zu’s Buddha Therapy a top shelved 5/5 flies. This project came out over a year ago by the way. WHO KNEW????? WE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Indie Buzz

-Keeping You Fly & Buzzin’ since 1992

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