Pittsburgh’s prodigal son JT Loco is showing no signs of slowing down. This year he’s already released three projects, including Pittsburgh PariahZummer Kollective with $A the Martian, and now Kampfire Kult. This 12 song project explores JT’s acoustic side as a guitarist while still staying on course with his emo-rap focus.

The vibes on Kampfire Kult are made for long summer nights spent with friends, roasting marsh mellows, smoking good weed, and just vibing. The project is executive produced by Yago with additional production from Salvi, SoMuchSauce, Curtains, and Wolfgang. CELESTIA even stops by for some guest vocals on the song “Stay Down for Me.”

JT Loco tells P A L M “Kampfire Kult is a project that as well as Pittsburgh Pariah represents me being a voice for anyone that struggles with personal things in life. The acoustic sound brought the Kampfire aesthetic into play.”

Stream Kampfire Kult below and watch JT Loco’s new music video for “Change in the Weather”