Geo CookGeorge “Geo” Cook, signed on for another three years as Brand Manager/PD for Service Urban KKDA (K104)/Dallas. Commenting on the signing, Director of Operations Michael Erickson said, “Geo has brought it from day one, making the product stronger, the brand bigger, and the ratings higher. Under his leadership, everyone knows where we’re going, and how we’re going to get there.” Cook remarked, “Every day I wake up excited to lead and collaborate with the talented team of passionate media minds and entertaining personalities here at Service Broadcasting. I can’t express how immensely grateful I am to Owner Hymen Childs, Operations Manager Michael Erickson, and GSM Steve Watkins for supporting my strategic vision and guidance of one of the premiere hip hop platforms on the planet, and affording me the unique opportunity to help lead innovation in media, influence pop and hip hop culture, and positively impact the dynamic communities of Dallas-Ft. Worth in real-time.” Before joining K104 in 2010, Cook was Pres./Chief Strategist for Geometric Media Consulting, and has held a variety of positions with numerous companies including The Hampton Agency in Atlanta, The Media Sales Institute and PSP Consulting in DC and Sheridan Broadcasting in Pittsburgh.