IncognitoReach Media is pleased to announce that weeknight show personality, Incognito’s Posted on the Corner show, will officially move to Reach Media for distribution and syndication.  The show will now be heard in the following markets; WHTA-FM, Atlanta; WGPR-FM, Detroit; WENZ-FM, Cleveland; WQOK-FM, Raleigh; WHHH-FM, Indianapolis; WMBO-FM and WCKX-FM, Columbus; WIZF, Cincinnati, weeknights, 7pm – 12 midnight.

Posted on the Corner can be described as a party on the radio where the listener is the star.  This fast paced show keeps the audience entertained with features such as Top 7 Countdown, Posted on the Corner Trivia, Pull-Up Game and Posted After Dark.  All of the features provide an opportunity for the audience to be involved and feel as though they are part of the show.   This element of inclusion has been a proven success within the show.

Incognito started his radio career by calling into his hometown radio station to represent his high school which strategically set him up for the opportunity of a lifetime. Starting his on-air career in Columbus, Georgia, Incognito would build his career in a handful of radio markets before landing a job in Atlanta.  To date, his show Posted on the Corner was consistently crowned the #1 Night Show (Monday-Friday) in Cleveland and Cincinnati.  Incognito’s mission is to help individuals and families in underserved communities.  His mantra of “Play Hard, Work Harder” is something he lives by in his career and personal life.

Melody Talkington, VP of Affiliate Relations for Reach Media stated, “I am looking forward to seeing even more great things come from Incognito and Posted on the Corner.  He has already shown us what he is capable of and now with this expansion, the sky is the limit.”

Incognito’s Posted on the Corner show is making a positive imprint into weeknight radio.