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Richmond, CA rapper CYBERJERM has once again teamed up with producer Grinding Spree for a seven track project Coalition 2. It’s the follow up to their 2019 project Creative Coalition. In true hustler spirit, Coalition 2 is only available for purchase via digital download.

There’s nothing like Bay Area homegrown hip-hop, and it’s bittersweet that Coalition 2 marks the end of an era. Grinding Spree has relocated from the Bay Area to Atlanta, so this is the last time in the foreseen future the two will be close partners creating music together. For the true album fan, it’s always a plus to see a rapper’s work with just one producer. The overall vibe of these songs provoke nostalgia of the early 2000s but still qualify as Bay Area slappers.

P A L M Picks: “Intro” “Algorithm & Blues”