Mobe Symposium: “Leveraging Our Power, Accelerating Our Success” – April 23

MOBE (Marketing Opportunities in Business and Entertainment) has opened registration for its free, one-day virtual symposium slated for Friday, April 23 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT. The event, first announced March 10, will provide attendees with business-building information in technology, marketing and entertainment industries under the theme of “Leveraging Our Power, Accelerating Our Success.”

The day’s program begins with a fireside conversation between MOBE Chairman Curtis Symonds and TV One/CLEO TV President Michelle Rice focusing on her personal journey to the C-Suite, how the George Floyd’s death affecting the network, and the direction of TV One under its new leadership. Three subsequent panel discussions will comprise a large part of the afternoon’s schedule. The topics for those conversations follow:

· The Stream Is Reel – examines the future of streaming, the impact of the coronavirus on different areas of entertainment, sports and gaming industries, creating a new customer experience and what the opportunities will be for BIPOC audiences.

· The Black Awakening – BET will lead a virtual session discussing how the media (through storytelling, news reporting, information and commercials) plays a critical role in shaping and driving individuals’ and communities’ values, perceptions and actions. This panel will explore intent versus impact and a framework for solutions with the goal of fostering changes to eliminate systemic racism.

· Where’s The Money? The Shifting of Retail – the panel will discuss lessons learned after the pandemic and social justice protests and how retailers had to adjust to new consumer spending. The future of brick-and-mortar locations, how retailers are surviving and thriving in the hybrid climate (online/virtual with physical destinations), and what are the opportunities in the new few years will be some of the questions being answered.

The day concludes with a keynote address by Rushion McDonald, marketing and branding expert and host of the Money-Making Conversations podcast that delivers information on career planning,

motivation, financial literacy and life balance. He is also the leader of 3815 Media, the firm which represents ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and CNN Legal Analyst Areva Martin, along with creating content for colleges and small and large company brands. Updates on specific panelists will be provided in an upcoming announcement. Persons wishing to attend the virtual event can register at Informational updates can be requested at

AARP, BET and Procter and Gamble are sponsors for this year’s conference with the Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Festival, Mocha Podcast Network, MediaVillage/Advancing Diversity and the Walter Kaitz Foundation serving as strategic partners.

The MOBE SymposiumTM is the leading advanced marketing conference designed to accelerate the growth of business with thought leaders, industry influencers and business owners, enabling them to share cultural insights for purpose-driven brands and savvy marketers. MOBE’s proven track record of facilitating strategic alliances and professional development has resulted in agreements between Black businesses and major corporations that have delivered revenue-producing connections and partnerships. An estimated $200 million in business was generated for African-American companies as a direct result of associations conceived at MOBE symposiums.

MOBE (pronounced MO-Bee) is where marketing, technology, sports and entertainment professionals join with emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and other business professionals and corporations. The MOBE Symposium series has delivered business building, education and mentoring resources for African-American professionals since 1992. For more information, visit

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