On April 26th, 2021 I Uploaded a “facepalm of the day” video about Freddie Gibbs. My video was met with over 1k dislikes, and 18k views before I set it to unlisted. To celebrate this epic failure of an achievement, I create a tongue in cheek brand called Thousand Island! “If you ain’t got sauce then you lost, but one must not get lost in the sauce.”- Gucci Mane.

The limited edition tee shirts are available at palmmerch.bigcartel.com.

Thank you to Freddie Gibbs, and all who viewed the original video. YOUR HATE MAKES ME CREATE! 🦹🏾‍♂️ 🌴

P.s- my heart goes out to the employee at the Holiday Inn. I hope he finds peace, and I wish him much success.