Having a big impact in the entertainment world as a creative can be much more challenging than ever. However, if
backed by the right team, many of these obstacles can be avoided and common hurdles jumped. In exciting news, a new firm that specializes in this area, Imari Entertainment Group are now accepting clients. IEG not only has a team with over 30 years of collective experience in the entertainment industry but was also founded by a 21-year-old Gen Z.

Imari Entertainment Group specializes in creative development using a 3-tier approach that integrates virtual engagement, cost effective digital education and interactive entertainment. This addresses the new realities of
what it takes to be successful in the changing business model of entertainment in a dynamic and exciting way.

“Considering what I was taught growing up within the business of entertainment, I understand the value of learning from those who have come before you,” commented Sierra Imari, CEO and Founder of the company, who is also a third-generation legacy in the business of entertainment. “IEG was created to bridge the generational gap between Millennials, Gen Z’s and Generational Alphas and provide them each with the new A&R: Access and Resources, so they can fulfill their fullest potential with no more barriers.”

Sierra is joined at IEG by her father, military strategist and entertainment powerhouse, President of Engagement, Life Griffith. Griffith’s past clients have won more than a dozen Grammy Awards, sold over 100 million records, and generated over $500 million dollars in global receipts. A number of stunning projects from IEG are already underway, including a television show in development called The Zodiac Games™, which is an eye-opening social experiment based on Astrology.

Expect more news in this area soon. “I consider and respect Sierra as a talented professional with proven ability to thrive at a moment’s notice, bring opportunity to any company, and shine with intelligence, humor, strategy, and youthful insight during client interface. Her passion and drive to be great is evident on every occasion. I will not
be surprised when she appears on media’s 30 under 30 list, and so on. Sierra is a bright star whom I know will be a positive model in the entertainment industry.”. – Tony Ferguson. Principal of Society House PR

To learn more about Imari Entertainment Group, be sure to visit https://www.iegworldwide.org.