Richard Foster has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing for Epic Records. The New York-based Foster will continue to report directly to Dave Bell, EVP, Head of Marketing, Epic Records, who said, “Rich’s limitless creative and understanding of both the artist and fan perspective were an immediate standout when he joined the company two years ago. That led to his shift from Digital Marketing into Product Management, where in both capacities he has helped drive some of our biggest success stories. His quick ascension is a result of hard work, determination and an unwavering eye on what moves the culture and the market.”

Foster has conceived and executed his share of high-profile artist campaigns since joining Epic less than two years ago. He will continue to work closely with all departments to keep a clear creative thread running through every project, while serving as the central point of contact for those projects, which include R&B sensation Givēon. Foster also led the digital marketing and strategy for 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s No. 1 Billboard 200 album, Savage Mode 2.

“My decision to join Epic could never have anticipated the changes that the label, not to mention the country and the whole world, would go through over the course of 2020 and now 2021,” Foster said. “I’m thankful for the guidance and advice provided to me by Sylvia Rhone, Rick Sackheim and Dave Bell. I have learned from all of them during this unforgettable time, and it’s only the beginning.”