Looks like LeBron James took a page out of Shaquille O’Neal’s book when deciding to gift Bronny a new car. Shaq famously once asked his son on what kind of a car he wanted when he turned of age and his son responded with, ‘a Tesla’. This prompted the Lakers legend to hilariously tell him to not get his hopes up and eventually gifted him a Dodge Charger. 

Now that Bronny is 16 years old, he’s legally allowed to drive in most parts of the United States. This, of course, warranted the need for a car. Being LeBron James’s son, it wouldn’t be right to have your first car be anything less than what he received.

NBA fans even took to social media to speculate on who gave him the car while others simply gawked at how incredible it looked while being customized. As it goes with anything on Twitter or Instagram, there were a few hateful comments regarding the Dodge Challenger not being a ‘hellcat’ but this doesn’t take away from how great Bronny’s new car looks.

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