The Baka Boyz

The World-Famous Baka Boyz (aka Eric and Nick Vidal) launch today on Beasley Broadcasting’s Jammin’105.7 in Las Vegas (7p to 11p) debuting as the second station in an impressive national syndication roll-out. Compass Media Networks is partnering with Gary Bernstein’s Oceanic Tradewinds in a multi-format, multi-daypart program offering.

“I still remember the first time I heard the Baka Boyz do their thing! Their energy, creativity and chemistry are undeniable and I’m excited to bring them to Las Vegas to entertain Sin City and make the lights even brighter! They’ve always sounded great and I love how they continue to evolve their brand both on the air and with social media. Combined with their incredible work ethic, we can’t lose with the Baka Boyz on Jammin’ 105.7!”, says Tom Calococci, Program Director, KOAS-FM/Jammin’ 105.7.

The Baka Boyz say, “It’s time for us to raise the bar and get listeners talking about their favorite radio station and radio personalities once again. It’s a sin so many in radio have forgotten about the importance of personality radio and what better place to reverse those sins than Sin City with the legendary Tom C. and Beasley Broadcasting.”

Gary Bernstein says, “The Baka Boyz are undeniably one of the best ever to perform on the radio. Our first daily radio station KZCE in Phoenix BOUNCED from # 23 to #4 in PM Drive (from a 1.1 to a 4.0) when comparing the March 2021 pre-Baka Boyz numbers against the most recent June ratings (Adults 25-54 AQH Share/ Rank). We expect dozens of new station additions over the next few months as true programming greatness can’t easily be duplicate and surely always stands out! “

The syndicated program will be delivered Content Only so stations can program their own music, whether its Classic Hip Hop, Rhythmic AC, Throwback, Urban AC, or even Pop or Rhythmic CHR.

For more information or to reserve your market on the Baka Boyz daily show, contact Nancy Abramson at [email protected] or Gary Bernstein at [email protected]

Note: To see the history of the Baka Boyz through the eyes of Snoop Dogg, Rick Cummings , Ed Lover , Steve Smith , Dion Summers, Michael Newman and Khool Aid, you just need to click on the Baka Boyz Video demo Baka Boyz – Compass Media Networks.