Chris Rock

Chris Rock has revealed that he’s tested positive for COVID-19 — and is using his diagnosis to encourage others to get vaccinated.

In a tweet posted on Sunday, the 56-year-old comedian told fans that he “just found out I have COVID.”

The former Saturday Night Live star added, “Trust me you don’t want this. Get vaccinated.

Comedian David Allen Grier, with whom Rock worked during his run as a special guest star on In Living Color in the early ’90s, was among those sending well wishes. 

Though the star didn’t clarify if he has the Delta variant, he is fully vaccinated. In May, Rock joked during multiple talk show appearances about cutting the line to fast-track his shot.

“I didn’t care. I used my celebrity, Jimmy,” he told Jimmy Fallon during a visit to the Tonight Show. “I was like, ‘Step aside, Betty White. Step aside, old people… I did Pootie Tang.'”

He also dubbed himself “two-shots Rock,” before clarifying that he’d actually received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.